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Man who acted as sperm donor to same-sex couple ordered to pay child support

Many children in Minnesota grow up believing they will one day fall in love, marry and have children of their own. For some couples, however, a problem with infertility or simple biology prevents them from conceiving a child on their own. As a result, some individuals or couples may turn to a sperm donor or surrogate in their quest to have a child.

"What Maisie New" sheds light on divorce

"What Maise Knew" may be a new film but it tells the age-old story of a child involved in the turmoil of the end of her parents' marriage. The Victorian age film has much to say about modern child support and it's certainly not just about the support in dollars to be paid out by one spouse or the other.

Calculating child support in Minnesota: part two

In our post last week we discussed some of the basic laws governing child support in Minnesota, focusing on the three different types of child support: basic support, medical support and child care support. All of these are meant to help ensure that both parents take responsibility for the financial support and care of their child, when possible.

Calculating child support in Minnesota: part one

When a child has unmarried parents, whether they were born to an unmarried couple or their parents are seeking a divorce, Minnesota law holds both parents responsible for making sure the child is taken care of financially. The law assumes that the custodial parent - the one who lives with the child - provides for their basic needs on an everyday basis.

The impact of divorce on student financial aid

Divorced couples often express concern about obtaining and managing financial aid for their children attending college. Common questions include who is responsible for applying for student aid and paying for college. These questions involving divorce and student aid can overcomplicate a process that need not be difficult.

More women making child and spousal support payments

When a couple divorces, people often assume the man will be the one paying child support or alimony. However, as more women have climbed the corporate ladder, the financial arrangement is often reversed. A recent survey found increasing numbers of women are now making support payments to their husbands.

Modification of child support orders in Minnesota

Life changes. When your divorce decree or child support order was finalized, you may have thought you were done asking for things from the court. Now, you realize that the orders no longer work. Perhaps you have lost your job or your cost of living has increased substantially.

Child support: International and interstate support orders

There are specific laws for determining and enforcing child support when parents live in different states or countries. As Minnesota child support lawyers, we understand these laws and how they apply in unique child support cases. This blog post is a brief overview of some of the state, federal and international laws involved in child support. If you are facing an interstate or international child support issue, we recommend speaking with an experienced family law attorney.

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