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Child custody disputes and a grandparent's important role

Matters related to child custody must be addressed in any divorce where minor-aged children are involved. Ideally, divorcing parents are able to rationally and peaceably sort out terms of a child custody agreement. In many cases, however, parents disagree about what's best for a child and which parent should retain primary custody. As arguments between divorcing parents escalate, other important factors such as the vital role many grandparents play in raising a grandchild, are forgotten.

A view into Sherri Sheperd's child custody and divorce disputes

Actress, comedian and television personalit, Sherri Shepherd is accustomed to being in the spotlight for professional reasons. More recently, however, Shepherd's name has been in the news for personal reasons related to two child custody battles she’s fighting with her exes.

Divorce and making child custody decisions

When a couple with shared children divorces, there are many considerations with regard to child custody and child support that must be considered and decided. In the wake of a divorce, each parent would be wise to recognize that the failure of a marriage does not equate to failure as a parent. Yes, children may be angry, confused and resentful; but in many cases divorce is the best option for all involved parties.

Advice for parents planning to divorce during the winter

Every January, unhappy husbands and wives around the country flock to divorce attorneys with hopes of ending a marriage. For many with minor-aged children, matters related to child custody, visitation and child support top the list of divorce-related concerns. While there is no right or wrong time to file for divorce, parents who choose to file during the winter months face challenges associated with doing so mid-school year.

Subject of custody battle has tails wagging

When a married couple chooses to divorce, a number of matters must be considered and decided upon. The division of assets including a marital home is often among the top divorce considerations. Additionally, if a couple has minor-aged children together, decisions related to child custody and child support must be made.

Father of Cherokee girl fighting custody order

The number of child custody issues in Minnesota must be very large. With so many families living in the state, divorce is bound to happen. When the split is between parents, custody of the children must be determined. Some cases are easier than others, usually those with parents who are willing to work together and share joint custody, raising the child as parents and friends. But then there is the opposite end of the scale: parents who are willing to do anything to have custody of their children, whether its legal or not.

Actor Jason Patric fights for paternal rights

Families come in many forms, and children today have various parenting arrangements. In many families, the parents also sometimes require the help of a sperm donor. Actor Jason Patric, a star of films including "Sleepers" and "The Lost Boys," donated sperm in 2009 as part of a fertility treatment that resulted in pregnancy for a former girlfriend, Danielle Schreiber.

Minnesota woman invited to shared parenting advocacy group

A Minnesota woman was recently asked to join a new national advocacy group for equally shared parenting. Leading Women for Shared Parenting (www.lw4sp.org), was founded in May in Massachusetts, and launched officially on Father's Day.

Minnesota child custody dispute over alleged religious bias

A Minnesota family law matter made national news because of the opinion made by the judge in the case. The couple was engaged in an otherwise ordinary child custody dispute in Stearns County if not for certain statements made by the judge.

HIV-positive infant at heart of Minnesota custody battle

A Minnesota family is fighting to regain the custody of their three-month-old son. After a disagreement over what treatment is appropriate for the HIV-positive infant he was taken into state custody.

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