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May 2014 Archives

Child custody disputes and a grandparent's important role

Matters related to child custody must be addressed in any divorce where minor-aged children are involved. Ideally, divorcing parents are able to rationally and peaceably sort out terms of a child custody agreement. In many cases, however, parents disagree about what's best for a child and which parent should retain primary custody. As arguments between divorcing parents escalate, other important factors such as the vital role many grandparents play in raising a grandchild, are forgotten.

A view into Sherri Sheperd's child custody and divorce disputes

Actress, comedian and television personalit, Sherri Shepherd is accustomed to being in the spotlight for professional reasons. More recently, however, Shepherd's name has been in the news for personal reasons related to two child custody battles she’s fighting with her exes.

Reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement prior to saying I do

Many engaged couples become consumed by the wedding planning process. While ensuring for a memorable and special day to commemorate a couple's union is important to many engaged couples, many fail to address important matters related to finances and property.

Should married couples steer clear of divorced friends?

As human beings, we're all affected and influenced by the people and events around us. For example, if a friend announces he or she is engaged; it's likely close friends may also examine their own lives and relationships and seek to become engaged. The same is often true when one couple in a group decides to start a family; soon a whole group of friends and close acquaintances may become parents.

Amid accusations of domestic violence, actor faces divorce and restraining order

Fans of the ABC television series "Scandal" were saddened and shocked when they recently learned that actor Columbus Short will not return for the next season of the show. While Short recently confirmed and issued a brief statement about his departure from the show, rumors are swirling as to whether he was fired or asked to resign in light of recent domestic assault allegations.

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