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September 2013 Archives

New Minnesota facility allows divorced parents safe visitation

The dissolution of a marriage can be a stressful time that is full of heated disputes and emotional encounters. As Minnesota residents know, there are multiple factors that make a divorce a difficult process. Many divorces involve child custody and visitation, and this is often the most contentious part of a divorce for people who have children. In any case involving custody of a child, whether it takes place in Minnesota or any other state, the wellbeing of the child should be the most important consideration.

Father of Cherokee girl fighting custody order

The number of child custody issues in Minnesota must be very large. With so many families living in the state, divorce is bound to happen. When the split is between parents, custody of the children must be determined. Some cases are easier than others, usually those with parents who are willing to work together and share joint custody, raising the child as parents and friends. But then there is the opposite end of the scale: parents who are willing to do anything to have custody of their children, whether its legal or not.

Divorcing after decades in Minnesota

The ending of a marriage after decades can be a trying time that is full of heated quarrels and emotional encounters. People are surprised when a couple divorce after decades and announce that what they devoted themselves to for years no longer works.

Divorce after 50 on the rise

For those over 50, divorce can be just as necessary as it is for a younger couple. Minnesota Public Radio recently looked into a new trend on the rise. Called "gray divorce," this occurrence strikes empty-nesters and baby-boomers. Rather than getting divorced at a young age, some couples raise their children to adulthood before deciding to break up. Couples also consider divorce later in life because the children are grown. This removes common problems that younger couples face, such as child custody and child support.

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